2 - If God Was Boss, How Would He Run It?

Justice, Compassion, Fairness

In the previous section, we examined the importance of having believers in artistic and creative industries. In part two, Simon considers the important ethical issues that intersect in one such creative line of work—the fashion industry. 

The fashion industry and other artistic fields are not only concerned with art, but with the ethics woven into the fabric of their operations. When we consider the global impact these industries have, we see how imperative it is to have believers representing the Lord in these spheres of influence.  

Do you tend to see the big picture, or only the small part you’re involved in? Who else might be affected or involved in the bigger picture of your workplace?
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Have you ever considered all the people affected by the clothes you wear (cotton pickers, workers in dying houses, designers, merchandisers, etc.)? How might this change your clothing decisions going forward?
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If God was the boss at your workplace, how would he run things? What do you need to personally change in light of this consideration?
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Fashion is a global industry, with implications and ripple effects for countless people. We must be intentional to represent Christ well by acting in justice, compassion, and grace at every step. In part three, Simon considers other ethical issues involved in his creative profession.