1 - God's Preferred Way of Communicating With Us

Creative Ways of Communicating

Our God is a creative God. At the start of it all, he didn’t draw up a business plan—he created. And He has placed that creative spark in us. Because of this, creative lines of work have great value. Simon Ward, Former Chief Operating Officer at the British Fashion Council, sheds light on the beautiful ways God communicates with us through creativity and the arts.  

We reflect our Creator God when we employ creativity in our work.  

If God’s first recorded act in Scripture was to create, what does that reveal about the importance of creativity? What does it reveal about the importance of the quality of creativity in you?
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How does God communicate with you through each of your senses—sight, hearing, taste, touch, smell? What do these sensations reveal about him?
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What is one form of the arts that you’ve been affected by (movie, story, fashion, design, music, art, dance?) How did that art form touch you or bring about change in your mind or life?
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The arts are a powerful tool that God uses to communicate with us and bring transformation. Because of this, creative lines of work are crucial for our world. In the next part of the course, Simon will examine the implications that one creative industry—fashion—has on the world.