Good Faith at Work (Chicago)

2017 Chicago Work as Worship Conference

It seems like our world is darker than ever before. Christians still carry the responsibility to be a light in the darkness, but many feel ill-equipped to do so, especially at work. In this 31-minute session, Gabe Lyons, author and founder of Q Ideas, speaks to business leaders about the problems we face in a darkened world. He offers ways for Christians to be thoughtful about how they represent the kingdom of God at work.

Gabe Lyons is the founder of Q Ideas—a learning community that mobilizes Christians to advance the common good in society, author of The Next Christians: Seven Ways You Can Live the Gospel and Restore the World, and co-funder of Catalyst, a national gathering of young leaders.

Gabe began his talk outlining how the world views Christians as irrelevant and extreme. In North America, we see a trend away from absolute truth and morality, which affects the whole of society. Christians shouldn’t stand back and observe. Instead, we should be engaged in conversation, armed with love and truth. 

What are the hot topic issues you encounter on a daily basis? Do you feel equipped to talk about those things? Why or why not?
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How has the shift away from the belief in absolute truth affected you and your work?
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Gabe continued to talk about our role in living out good faith at work. We can display Christ and declare truth in the workplace. How do you feel about your role in living out your faith at work? Why do you think that is?
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Gabe listed four questions we need to be asking in the workplace. We can provide answers to these questions through the lens of our faith.
  • What is wrong? (Stop and confront)
  • What is confused? (Clarify and compel)
  • What is right? (Celebrate and cultivate)
  • What is missing? (Create and catalyze)

What are some of the things that are wrong in your workplace? What might it look like to stop and confront those evils?
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Is there anything in your organization that is confused? What could your role be in bringing clarity and compelling people to actions?
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What are your favorite things about your organization? What is being done well? How do you celebrate and invest in those things?
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When you take a step back and examine your organization, what’s missing? What dreams do you have for your company? How could you contribute to making those dreams a reality?
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As Christians in the marketplace, we have a unique opportunity to promote the parts of our industries that benefit the common good. What are the redemptive aspects of the industry you’re in? How could you build upon those qualities at work?
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Gabe said the way we apply these truths is to love others, believe the truth, and live it out. If we are rooted in the love and truth of Jesus, it will transform the way we live. Our relationships at work, the way we make decisions, and our attitude toward authority all change through the power of Christ. 

How could you operate out of love and truth in your work context this week?
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The way we shine for Christ in the marketplace isn’t limited to starting a Bible study or sharing about church by the water cooler—though those are good things. We can promote the aspects of our organizations that bring about good and we can work against the things that cause harm. This week, come up with one way you can live for Jesus at work and put it into practice. 

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