Leading "Control" Youth Bible Study Featuring D.A. Horton

“Control” Youth Bible Study Featuring D.A. Horton

You can find Control on RightNow Media, here.  

In this 4–part series, D.A. Horton tackles a topic that can be difficult for teenagers: authority. But the surprising element in a teenager’s instinctive urge to rebel is that resistance to authority is not just a teenage problem. It’s a human problem. Examining the storyline of Scripture, beginning with mankind’s rebellion against God, this series will explore the way God has made a way for humans to come back under his good, kind rule. When we submit to God and the other authorities He has placed in our life, we flourish. 

Watch this trailer for an overview of the series. 

D.A. Horton is a writer, speaker, and church planter in Los Angeles. He previously served as the Executive Director of ReachLife Ministires, and as the National Coordinator for Urban Student Missions with the North American Mission Board. D.A. is the author of G.O.S.P.E.L. and DNA: Foundations of the Faith

Listen to D.A.’s encouragement for you as you lead this series. 

D.A. reminded us that each of us knows what it’s like to live in rebellion against God. Because of that, we can sympathize with our students and extend compassion toward them in their struggle to submit to authority.  

One of the things D.A. encouraged us to do was bathe our students in prayer and listen sensitively to their comments and questions. What is the overarching, main thing you want to pray for your students as you lead them through this study?
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At the beginning of each session, your students will experience dramatic or funny illustrations to ease into the topic. This funny clip shows the classic battle between teachers and their students.  

In each session, you’ll also hear from a student who has struggled with submission to authority. Listen to Bryan share his story of rebellion against the authority figures in his life. 

To help you teach, you will use the downloadable Leader’s Guide and group handouts available online to further explore the teaching from the video. Take some time in advance to consider the Bible study questions and come up with personal examples to encourage discussion among your students.  

Though the teenage years are tough, learning to trust and submit to authority during this life stage is crucial in both a student’s development and in his or her relationship with the Lord. The more we trust God and His authority, the more we align ourselves with His design for life and flourishing. 

You can find the Control Youth series on RightNow Media, here