Just 3 Questions about Leadership with Todd Phillips

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Have you ever wondered how someone becomes a great leader? In the Just 3 Questions about Leadership series, we’ve asked some of today’s top leaders three simple questions about leadership.

Todd Phillips is the Teaching Pastor at Lake Pointe Church near Dallas, TX. In this first video, he answers, “Who is the best leader you have ever sat under and why were they so good?”

Both of the mentors Todd mentioned did one thing in common; they took a special, genuine interest in Todd. As you progress in leadership, there will be more demands for your time and energy. How can you make sure to take time out to build into another future leader? Who in your organization right now should you be mentoring?
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Todd said something profound. He said that he takes what he learns from Steve Stroope and tries to apply it at church (his job), with his family, and in his neighborhood. How do you make sure you don't compartmentalize what you learn "on the job," but allow it to impact you in every life situation? What is one thing you've learned from a mentor that you've applied to other areas in your life?
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In this next clip, Todd  answers the question, “What is the most important thing you do to develop leaders?”

What do you think of Todd's approach, to use case studies to help train other leaders? How might you use this approach in your present situation?
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Don't miss that while Todd uses cases studies to help train others, he's also open to and expecting to learn from those he's working with. It takes a measure of humility to manage this way, but that's part of the reason Todd's successful.

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In this next video, Todd answers the question, “What is the most important thing you do to develop yourself as a leader?”

Let's try an experiment. For the next week, spend time every morning, right after you wake up, to remind yourself that today is a special gift God has given to you, and ask God to help you identify each leadership "moment" in the day and be faithful to serve Him in each of those moments. Consider writing those moments down. After a week, take a moment to reflect back and see what impact this experiment had on your week.

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In this final "bonus" clip, Todd answers the question, “What is the most important thing you do to strengthen your Christian faith on a daily basis?”

I love Todd's honesty. Most leaders are "doers." It's hard for those of us that want to make things happen to take the time to be still before God, to pray, and to really listen for His direction. Think about your own life. What have you learned in those quiet times? How can you make this more of a priority in your life?
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No two people lead exactly the same way, but there are sound leadership principles that can help you become all the leader God has planned you to be. May God grant you wisdom and grace as you lead others in His service.