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Whether you are a business owner, CEO or President, you have an enormous opportunity to give people a picture of God by the way you work. Check out this 3-minute video to see the potential you have to impact the world around you.

That video really sets the tone for how we are to view our lives every day of the week. It's a challenge to take our businesses to the next level and honor God in the way we run them.

Listen to Don Barefoot, President of C12, as he talks about living under the Lordship of Christ and what that means in the marketplace. C12 is a Christian leadership development organization that helps people use their position as Christian Business Owner, CEO, or President to share the joy of serving Christ daily. 

Don made the statement that the typical small business touches 5000 lives per year. That's an amazing opportunity for impact! Think of your own business and the people you come into contact with. As Don asked, "What are you doing with that potential? Are you giving them a taste of Jesus?"

How are you using your business platform to influence others for Christ?
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How do you overcome the tension between the pressures of daily business and your Christian faith?
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Businesses of all sizes and types share many of the same issues, challenges and approaches. Check out this story of the CEO and Founder of Hobby Lobby, David Green. Dave describes how he uses his God-given talents and resources in business to enlarge God's kingdom and serve his employees and customers.

David Green started out feeling like he was a second class citizen because he wasn't called into ministry but was good in business. Then he realized his calling was to business. Have you ever felt that way? What is your calling?
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When I hear the vision and actions of the Greens and their employees, it really sparks some ideas about enlarging God's kingdom and serving employees and customers. What were some ideas that impressed you from this story that you could implement? What are some ideas you can share from your own business?
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Given that our vocational calling utilizes most of our waking hours, how we conduct business defines much of who we are and our impact on others around us! God has given us a great platform … the global arena of business. 

Our entire life, 24/7, is an act of worship when we abide in Christ and seek His ways and purpose. 

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