Leading "Keeping Place" Bible Study Featuring Jen Pollock Michel

"Keeping Place" Bible Study Featuring Jen Pollock Michel

You can find the Keeping Place Bible study series on RightNow Media, here

In this 5-part series, author and Bible teacher Jen Pollock Michel takes us on a journey through Scripture to uncover the meaning of home. We’ll discover our holy yearning for a place to belong, how God provides that place for us, and how we can model His hospitality in our lives each day.

Jen Pollock Michel is a speaker and the author of Keeping Place and Teach Us to Want, Christianity Today's 2015 Book of the Year. Jen also writes regularly for Today in the Word, a devotional published by The Moody Bible Institute, and is a regular contributor for Christianity Today's popular Her.meneutics blog. Jen lives in Toronto with her husband and five children.

Watch this trailer for an overview of the series.

God is a homemaker. He created the earth for us to live in and He’s preparing a place for us to spend eternity with Him. Jesus came, died, and rose again so we could become part of His family—a family with the inheritance of eternity.

Listen to Jen's encouragement for you as you lead this series. 

Jen gave three points of advice for those leading Keeping Place:
  • Let women tell their stories of home.
  • Dive deeper into Scripture.
  • Come up with ways to "keep place" in your lives.

What is your story of home? What are you willing to share with your group?
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How could you create an environment where women feel safe to share their stories?
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How might studying Scripture unleash women in your group to read the Bible on their own? How could you, as the leader, encourage them to dive deeper into Scripture?
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How could you encourage women to live out what they learn each week? What actions could you model for them, as their leader?
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In every session, you'll hear from women who struggle with loss, moving, waiting—all centered around the theme of home. Listen to Jessica share about uprooting her family on a regular basis for her husband's job.  

What stood out to you from Jessica's story? In what ways do you relate to her pain?
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In addition to hearing biblical teaching from Jen Pollock Michel and real-life stories, you'll also view moving illustrations that deal with the topic of home. Learn about our longing for the perfect home we'll find in heaven through this illustration. 

How did this illustration affect you? How does it reflect your longing for a perfect home?
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Everyone longs for a better home. We know that someday God will bring our longings to fruition. In the meantime, we follow Him, love others, and live well. As you lead this study, keep eternity at the forefront of your mind. Learn to tap into the hope that Jesus will return and model that hope to your group.

You can find the Keeping Place Bible study series on RightNow Media, here.