Leading "The Good Book" Bible Study Featuring Deron Spoo and Kyle Idleman

The Good Book Featuring Deron Spoo and Kyle Idleman

You can find The Good Book Bible study series on RightNow Media, here

Over the course of 8 sessions, pastors Deron Spoo and Kyle Idleman will visit the most salient themes about God in the Bible. With the goal of providing a sketch of each idea, each session will break down the concept into two smaller sections to unpack the meat behind the theme. At the center of the series stands God, and each theme will focus on who He is in relationship to His created order. 

Deron Spoo is the Lead Pastor of First Baptist Church in Tulsa, Oklahoma and author of The Good Book. Kyle Idleman is Teaching Pastor at Southeast Christian Church in Louisville, Kentucky and author of the bestseller Not a Fan.

Take a look at the trailer of The Good Book for an overview of the series.

The Bible is a big book. Hundreds of characters and thousands of ideas parade across its pages from beginning to end. From the uninitiated to the very seasoned, readers of the Bible will always find something new to learn in The Good Book. 

Listen to the encouragement Deron and Kyle have for leaders of this study.

 The Bible can be intimidating to read—even to the most experienced Christians. The Good Book breaks the Bible into several key themes so that we can gain a greater understanding of God's Word and character.

What is your attitude toward Scripture? How familiar are you with the themes, characters, and stories of the Bible?
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How do you think your group views the Bible? How could you encourage them into a deeper understanding of Scripture?
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In addition to powerful biblical teaching from Deron and Kyle, you'll hear real-life stories from individuals who have been impacted by the Word of God. Listen to Stefanie's story, who journeyed as far as she could from God when her father left, but returned to Him and found hope in the story of Paul the Apostle.

Stefanie experienced incredible redemption through Jesus. What resonates with you about Stefanie's story? How would you like to see God redeem the people in your small group as you go through this study?
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Even though the Bible can intimidate us, we shouldn't shy away from its truths. Scripture teaches us about God's character—His love, justice, and mercy. And it opens our eyes to our need for a Savior. As you lead this series, set aside focused times of prayer and reading to prepare for what God has to say to you and your group through The Good Book.

You can find The Good Book Bible study series on RightNow Media, here