Humbly Serve

It’s Not About You

In the corporate world, it seems crazy when a leader humbly serves employees instead of exerting power—but for Christians, that's the kind of leadership Jesus models for us. Dina Dwyer-Owens, author, speaker, and co-chairwoman of the Dwyer Group unpacks two ways leaders can model values to employees.

Dina Dwyer-Owens is an author, speaker, and co-chairwoman of the Dwyer Group, a holding company of multiple service-based franchise organizations. She is the author of Values, Inc. and Live R.I.C.H. and speaks regularly to leaders and companies about adhering to ethics in business and in life.  

A servant leader sets aside his or her needs for the good of others. Being a servant leader often means going unrecognized and under-appreciated. But as Dina said, it doesn’t matter who gets credit because it’s not about us.  

How would you define servant leadership?
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Dina spoke about her transition away from CEO of the Dwyer Group. What stood out to you about Dina’s story? Why?
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What are some ways you’ve seen other leaders practice servant leadership? How do their actions inspire you?
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In what ways could you serve the people you lead this week?
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Servant leadership has the potential to transform the way you lead and the employees you influence. Write down three ways you can serve the people in your company this week. Put them into practice as you go about your workweek.

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