Margin in Seasons

Different Seasons Require Different Amounts of Margin

Margin may look one way during a particular season of life, and completely different during another life stage. In this post, Steve Stroope, Lead Pastor at Lake Pointe Church, emphasizes the reality that margin is an ever-fluctuating concept. 

Different seasons require different amounts of margin. It’s important to recognize our current season and adjust our margin accordingly. 

Steve shared four different seasons—dreaming, doing, drag, and dark. Which of these seasons most resonates with your current life season? Why? What characteristics do you notice of your current season?
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Now that you have recognized your current life season, how does your margin line up according to that reality? Are you building enough margin in to your schedule and relationships? Do you need to adjust? What might that look like?
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One of the seasons in which we may find ourselves is a time of dragging. Often, we have a choice—either return to a season of doing, or to go “dark” and take time to assess where things have gotten off course. What are some ways you could evaluate the proper next step in this scenario? How might you discern whether you need to return to a season of doing, or to take time to go “dark?”
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Sometimes, we may enter a busy season in one area of life, and find that we neglect other areas of life. Pastor Steve referenced moving the fulcrum back toward balance and taking time to invest in the places we’ve neglected. 

Are you currently in a busy season in one area of life? If so, what other area might you be neglecting—relationships, work, health?
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How could you begin to re-inveset in the neglected area of life? What are practical ways you could move the fulcrum back toward balance?
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In times of busyness or seasons where we must take more time in one area of life, we may need to communicate the temporary reality of our season to others in our life. 

With whom do you need to take time to communicate about your busy season? How could you take time later to invest in that relationship?
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We experience many different types of seasons, where demands on our time and attention cause us to neglect other areas of life. However, we must learn to find balance in each season and return to investing in the things that matter most.  

This post is originally part of a four-part course called Margin. For more from Steve Stroope, listen to his 2016 RightNow Conference session, Self Leadership, or visit