Called to Set Free

Know Your Calling

Everyone needs food and shelter. But many people feel trapped by their economic status and cannot provide the basic necessities for their families. As the President and CEO of his company, NatureSweet, Bryant Ambelang realized he had the power to provide economic freedom to his employees. 

Bryant is the President and CEO of NatureSweet, Ltd., the largest greenhouse producer of tomatoes in North America. Currently, NatureSweet operates seven facilities—six in Mexico and one in the U.S.—and pursues its mission of "unleashing the power of people" through a vertically integrated production model that offers full-time direct employment to over 8,000 associates.  

Bryant realized his calling as the leader of his company was to provide his employees with economic freedom. His employees couldn’t adequately provide for themselves on their salaries. One way he could fulfill his calling to provide for his employees involved setting his employees up for financial security. 

What would you say is your calling as the leader of your organization? How is your calling similar to Bryant’s?
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In what ways do you provide for your employees? Would you say your employees are set up for financial security? Why or why not?
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What resonates with you about giving people economic freedom? Why?
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Bryant learned that while he needed to provide freedom to his employees, he also needed to demonstrate that freedom to those he led. As a leader, how do you demonstrate freedom to your employees?
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How could you be an agent of freedom in your organization this week?
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As Jesus’ followers, we have been set free. We walk in His freedom and are commanded to introduce others to that freedom. In business, we can break people free from economic hardship. Consider the ways your business sets people free. Come up with one way your company could grow in freedom moving forward. 

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