From Small Groups to Missional Communities

2010 RightNow Conference

Small groups and Sunday schools have tremendous potential to mobilize the people of your church to action. In this 45-minute session from the 2010 RightNow Conference, Matt Carter, Lead Pastor at Austin Stone Community Church, challenges us to consider turning our small groups into missional communities.

As you watch, take notes and write down thoughts about how this message can impact your ministry.

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Matt Carter talks about how small groups can be a strategic way to encourage and equip people to be on mission. What is the focus of our small group/Sunday schools; are they focusing on community or mission? Is there anything we need to change?
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Matt talked about three ways turn traditional small groups into missional communities. He started with: Change the definition of success. How do we define the success of our small groups/Sunday schools? How are they actively engaged in the “lost-ness” outside their group?
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How can we help our small groups to focus to being on mission together? What are some creative ways we can convey this message? Is there anything we need to model?
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Matt also suggested that we consider changing how we train our leaders. How are we teaching our leaders to think and live like missionaries instead of consumers? What kind of training do our small group leaders need so they can challenge their groups to impact the community together?
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Matt challenged us to raise the bar on what groups can do. He stressed that every believer has the power of the resurrection living in them, which gives them the capacity to do great things. How are we validating (or stifling) God’s power in our small groups and leaders?
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People are hungry to be used by God. Matt encourages us to challenge them, train them and release them. Not just to come to church... but to go be the church.

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