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2010 RightNow Conference

In this 55-minute session from the 2010 RightNow Conference, Larry Osborne, Senior Pastor at North Coast Church, talks about ways to mobilize people to make a difference in ways that matter outside the walls of the church. He explains how small groups play a major part in mobilizing the entire congregation. Larry shares how his church uses small groups and church-wide campaigns to send people out on mission.

As you watch, take notes and write down thoughts about how this message can impact your ministry.

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Larry Osborne talked about ways to mobilize the entire congregation to make a difference outside the walls of the church, utilizing small groups as the hub. How are you mobilizing your congregation to serve outside the walls? Why are you mobilizing in these specific ways? Are they effective?
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Larry talked about how his church serves through “stealth” events and church-wide events. Did you learn anything from the examples he gave? Is your outreach effective? What are some ways you can better equip and direct small group leaders so valid ideas and plans become reality and not just good intentions?
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Larry talked about two keys to engaging the culture, authenticity (Are you real?) and the Bono Factor (What are you doing for someone else?). As the world looks at us, how do we measure up in those areas? Can you give some specific examples? What are ways we can improve? As leaders, how are we modeling this?
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Larry shared some observations from Luke 10 about the “first weekend of service.” Are we praying to the Lord to send workers, or do we just grab everyone who can help? Where in our ministries do we need to “thin the herd”?  How can we do this in love and not drive people away?
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Do we have a balance of doing good deeds and sharing the Gospel outside the walls of our church? What are some examples of our ministries that do both? Are there ways we can improve?
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Your leadership might happen from the stage, on a ministry team or in a small group. You may be on staff at the church or a volunteer. No matter where you are, God put a responsibility of leadership on your shoulders.  How will you lead people toward becoming active disciples in the work place, at school, in their neighborhoods?

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