The Holy Spirit

2010 RightNow Conference

One of the most overlooked aspects of our faith is our relationship with the Holy Spirit. Many times we try to minister on our own strength and fail. As we lead people to serve, we have to remind them to rely on the Holy Spirit. In this 48-minute session from the 2010 RightNow Conference, JR Vassar, Lead Pastor of Church at the Cross, candidly shares from his own experience to caution against settling for the results of the works of the flesh.

As you watch, take notes and write down thoughts about how this message can impact your ministry.

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JR Vassar explained how our strength and vision come with depending on the Holy Spirit. How are you leading people based on the power of the Holy Spirit? How does that statement affect how you work in ministry? How do you model that in leadership?
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JR cautioned against settling for the results of the works of the flesh. Are there any areas within your ministry team where you feel like you are working in the flesh? Should you change how you lead in that area or do you need to re-evaluate that area of ministry?
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JR explained how Jesus was sent to reveal God to the world, redeem this world to God and to renew this world and we are sent out with the same mission. How do you equip people to proclaim salvation outside the walls of the church? How are you bringing redemption and healing to those outside the walls?
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JR talked about how depending on the Holy Spirit confirms our “sonship.” How are you conveying that message to those you lead? How are you modeling that? Can you give any examples of how are people are living that out?
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JR talked about how the Holy Spirit prompts us for ministry and empowers us for ministry. Is the Holy Spirit prompting you in any areas of the mission of the church? How are you empowering your people to respond to the Holy Spirit’s prompting in their lives?
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JR used John 20 to illustrate leaning in and depending on the Holy Spirit. Jesus’ entire ministry is credited to the power of the Holy Spirit.   

The exciting promise of the new covenant is not just forgiveness and eternal life, but that we too have been given the Holy Spirit to carry out the mission. God actually comes and lives within us.

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