Helping Students Fit In

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In this 2-minute teaching video, Doug Fields, pastor and author of over 50 books on youth ministry, will offer ways that we can use to make church the one place where teens should feel accepted.

Doug Fields reminded us that we, as the youth leaders, are in control of the environment. We must make sure that no student is left out. Are you noticing any cliques or bullying in your group of students?
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Doug gave the tip that we should mix it up, by not breaking into the same small groups all the time. What are you doing to mix it up? Do you have any creative ideas to share?
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Doug sadly said that if a student comes to church and doesn’t belong, what a message we’ve sent! What message is our youth group sending? What can you do this week to connect kids to each other?
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Think of the different students in our student ministry as you watch this story. Jamie’s home life was troubled. She started making bad choices to fit in with the party crowd. But then she met a friend, Sarah, who invited her to church. Her relationship with Christ helped her to make better decisions about her friends and actions.

Who are the "Jamies" and "Sarahs" in your group? Are there any students actively reaching out to others? Who can you call to acknowledge their obedience and faithfulness? How can you encourage others to be inclusive?
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