Inspiration for Youth Workers

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Are you feeling somewhat overwhelmed and under-appreciated in your ministry to students? There is so much at stake with the next generation. We’ve got to keep running after opportunities to impact the lives of our students. But how? 
In this session, Doug Fields, pastor and author of over 50 books on youth ministry will give us some much-needed words of appreciation and good counsel.  

Before we hear from Doug Fields, take a look at this funny video. To battle low enthusiasm and dwindling attendance, one clever youth pastor decides to hire a mascot. After all, what brings more excitement than a mascot?

That video just makes me laugh! We’re all looking for ideas to get the attention of our students and to make a difference in their lives. What is the craziest idea you've used with your students?
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You could use this as an icebreaker for your students. Just download "Youth Group Mascot" by searching the title at RightNow Training, click "Download Illustration." 

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In this 7-minute training video, Doug Fields, pastor and author of over 50 books on youth ministry, gives us motivation and guidance on how to keep going in our ministry to students even if we are not seeing immediate fruit from our labor.

It is so nice to hear the appreciation and motivation from a youth pastor like Doug Fields. Doug knows from experience what you go through each week in your passion to point teenagers towards the cross. And it is encouraging to know that we don’t have to have all the answers. He made a very good and simple point: it’s about relationships!

Take a moment to think about what you do each week with your students. What would they say they remember about you? What are some of the ways you are building one-on-one relationships with them?
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Are there any of your students that you feel are a little distant or uninvolved? What can you do this week to reach out to him/her?
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Doug also gave us three ways to impact our students each week. We need to: love them, listen to them, and challenge them. Which do you find the easiest to do? What is more difficult? How can I help you love, listen, and challenge?
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I want to add my thanks and appreciation to what you are doing for your students.Take a moment to let Doug's encouragement and motivation soak in. Consider re-watching his clip and reflect on what inspired you. 

Doug quoted a statistic that 85% of all people make a commitment to Christ before the age of 18. You are so important in the lives of these students. Thank you!

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