Unleashed for the Gospel

2009 RightNow Conference

This 56-minute session from the 2011 RightNow Conference is an opportunity for us to focus on how we unleash the power of the gospel in the people we lead. J.D. Greear, Lead Pastor of the Summit Church in the Raleigh-Durham area of North Carolina, reminds us that the only way God will use us to transform the world, is if we are first transformed by the gracious gift God has given to us through Jesus Christ.

As you watch, take notes and write down thoughts about how this message can impact your ministry.

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When talking about being centered on the gospel message, J.D. Greear explained that small groups (Sunday Schools) are “the hub where other ministries effectively carry out the mission of the church.” What is the mission of our small groups/Sunday schools? Is their focus community or mission? How are we unleashing them?
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Do we have an intentional method of making sure our small groups are centered on the gospel? What resources and training do our small group leaders have for facilitating their groups so they are more equipped to unleash the people they lead?
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J.D. looked to John 15 to remind us that we grow more when we focus less on what we are to do for God and more on what He has done for us. How are we modeling that the gospel is alive in us? Is it obvious that we, as a ministry team, have a genuine love for God and others? How?
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How are we showing grace, forgiveness and compassion to the hurting world around us? Are there some creative, tangible ways that we extend the same gift to others that God gave to us through the gospel?
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J.D. reminded us that if we lose the gospel message, we lose it all—don’t let the good things we do obscure the only thing. Do we have a balance of doing good deeds and sharing the gospel outside the walls of our church? What are some examples of our ministries that do both? Are there ways we can improve?
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As our lives, our small groups, and our ministries are shaped by the gospel, God will use us to transform the world. Jayne’s story is an inspiring example of the transformational power of the gospel of Jesus Christ alive in a person’s life—and the impact that has on those around us.

Are you and your church members unleashed for the gospel?

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