Encouraging Students to Live Out Their Faith

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One of the most difficult tasks of a youth worker is helping kids see that their faith is not limited to the times they are in church. In this 2-minute teaching video, Doug Fields, pastor and author of over 50 books on youth ministry, shares helpful counsel on how you can encourage teens to live out their faith every day rather than just one hour a week.

Doug Fields gave three simple and effective ways he helps students see that their faith has to "mainstream with them into the culture."
  1. Personal - Talking with a student one-on-one 
  2. Preaching - Repeating the message of God’s way vs. the world’s way
  3. Program - Highlighting God’s way is different

Which of those tips do you find easiest to use with your group? Which do you find most difficult?
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Do you have any creative ideas on how to implement any of these tips this week to encourage your students to live out their faith when they leave the bubble of being in church?
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So many times in student ministry, we highlight the sins and struggles of our teens. Take a look at this inspirational real-life story. Anna shares how she stepped out in faith by staying in a public school instead of going back to a private Christian school where she was comfortable and the influence she has on the people around her.

Do you have any students like Anna who are really living out their faith during the week? How is their faith evident? Are there ways they can help you as you lead other students to do the same?
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Your students are in a battle between the culture and church; between the secular and the sacred. Your job is challenging, but so important as you help lead these young lives toward the sacred. Thank you for your faithful service. 

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