Is Your Small Group Too Big?

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Most of us like growth. “The more the merrier,” we say. But when it comes to small groups, too many people might hinder your ability to develop deep, lasting relationships and potentially defeat the whole purpose of your smaller gathering.

In this session, Bill Search, Senior Pastor at Rolling Hills Christian Church in El Dorado Hills, California, offers practical advice to help keep your large group “small.”

How do you know if your small group has gotten too big? Watch this funny video.

Now that’s funny! But it does highlight the importance of keeping an eye on your group size and considering when it’s time for change. In this next clip, Bill offers 3 practical solutions for you if your group is too large.

Bill highlights that one of the primary purposes of small groups is to get people involved, which is really hard to do if your group is huge. He suggested 3 things to do if your group is too big:

  • Subgroups.
  • Break into groups of 4 for prayer time.
  • Split the group in half.

How do you feel about these three options? Can you think of any other ways you might deal with a large group?
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If you feel like your group is too big, come talk with me and we’ll discuss the best option for your group. There’s no one solution that’s right for every group. We’ll figure something out that takes into account the uniqueness of your group dynamic and the people involved.

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