Group Prayer Time Done Right

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In some small groups, prayer time is either tacked on at the end—almost as an afterthought—or it becomes an hour long prayer-a-thon where everyone from Aunt Betty's dog to all the starving kids in Africa get prayed for. And while prayer is a vital part of our group life, there are some simple guidelines you can follow to make sure your time is spirit-filled and meaningful.

In this training post, Bill Search, Senior Pastor at Rolling Hills Christian Church in El Dorado Hills California, offers practical suggestions to help you leader your group’s prayer time.

What does it mean to be able to talk to God anytime, anywhere? Take a look at this humorous video.

That funny video actually makes a profound statement. We do have a direct line to God. No waiting, no misunderstandings, no dropped calls. Think for a moment how utterly amazing that is! The God of the Universe hears our prayers and is engaged in a two-way relationship with us. Prayer is essential to our spiritual health and to the health of our group!

In this next video, Bill Search gives us several suggestions to help make our group prayer time meaningful.

Bill recommends that you:

  • Leave adequate amount of time.
  • Lay out guidelines—has to be specific to individual sharing.
  • Write them down; revisit them.
  • Have one person pray or subdivide your group so several can pray.

Bill said that prayer requests need to be specific to the individual sharing. How do you feel about Bill’s suggestion to lay out guidelines for prayer? Is this a good idea? Why or why not?
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Which suggestion can you implement in your group next week?
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Remember, there is no “right” way to pray; there are no “magic” words. Prayer is a conversation between you and God. Encourage your group to be real, honest and vulnerable as they pray. Then celebrate what God is doing in your group as He answers your prayers.

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