Faith and Doubt

Focus on Jesus

Some of us have doubts and sinful desires that make us feel condemned or unsure of our salvation. We may wonder if there is a place for doubt in the Christian life, or think our faith has to be perfect. Pastor Zach Lee talks about what it looks like to walk with Jesus and why He is stronger than our doubts. Zach Lee is a Groups Pastor at The Village Church in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. 

Have you ever questioned your salvation? Why? Are you sure of it today? Why or why not?
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Zach said that salvation is a not result of external actions. It is about the heart. He encouraged us to answer the following questions:

  1. Do you hate your sin and feel convicted of it?    
  2. Do you love Jesus? 
  3. Do you enjoy the presence of other believers?
  4. Have you repented of sin and trusted Jesus?

What sins do you struggle with today? How do they make you feel? How have you sought God in your sin?
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Describe your relationship with Jesus. How have you grown in your affection for Him?
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Do you enjoy the presence of other believers? Why or why not? What does Christian community look like in your life?
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Have you trusted Christ for your salvation? When and how did it happen? How do you practice repentance?
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Zach talked about a few helpful things to remember about faith and doubt: 

  • You are not saved by having enough faith. Do not put your faith in your ability to believe enough, but rather put your faith in Jesus.
  • Your faith doesn’t have to be perfect. You can have doubts. Jesus is stronger than your doubts. 
  • Doubt is not the same thing as unbelief. You can wrestle and still believe. 

Do you ever feel like your faith has to be perfect? Why or why not? How does this encouragement comfort you?
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The enemy delights in making you feel condemned, confused, and unsure of your salvation. Rather than listening to his lies, share how you are feeling with other Christians, reflect on the changes you have seen in your life and heart since knowing Christ, and rest in the truth that He has secured your salvation, apart from your ability to believe enough or not.