The Spirituality of Mental Health

Use the Whole Bible

If anxiety grew as a tree and we decided to uproot it, we might find fear or a lie or sin at its root. Many cases of mental illness begin with a spiritual problem, and we shouldn’t shy away from the root issue. Cristian Barbosu, Senior Pastor of Harvest Metanoia Church in Arad, Romania, encourages Christian counselors to always consider and engage the spiritual aspects of mental illness. 

Cristian said counselors should take all of Scripture into account. Many mental health issues originate from a spiritual issue. Our response should incorporate the entirety of Scripture to best help those who struggle spiritually and mentally.  

What kinds of spiritual issues could be at the root of mental illness? How have you encountered these issues in counseling?
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In what ways has the Bible helped you in difficulty—such as mental illness? How have you seen Scripture help those with mental illness?
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How could you use the entire Word of God this week as you counsel others?
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God speaks through the Bible. He can move in us, through the Holy Spirit, to heal us and free us of sin. We shouldn’t ignore the spiritual issues tied to mental illness—we should tackle them head on. As you counsel, keep the whole Bible in mind and don’t hesitate to seek professional help, if needed. 

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