Gospel-Centered Multiplication

Send and Support Missionaries

There are countless ways you can be on mission with your small group: from serving the homeless, to adopting a family at Christmas, to financially supporting missionaries, and more. But what if your group was even more intentional than that, encouraging members to consider being missionaries themselves? In this post, Adam Lancaster talks about the unique way The Village partners with small groups to send and support missionaries and how group leaders can encourage involvement. 

Adam Lancaster is a Groups Pastor at The Village Church in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. He has been on staff since 2005, serving in several different roles at multiple campuses. 

What do missions look like at your church? Is there a missions team or department? How are small groups encouraged to participate in missions?
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What do missions look like for your small group? In what ways does your group serve and share Jesus with your community and the world?
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Adam shared five ways The Village Church encourages their small group leaders to lead the way for missionary involvement: 

  1. Teach the importance of gospel-centered multiplication. He said, “We multiply the kingdom by living with the purpose to make God known and enjoyed…the disciple’s call is multiplication and replication through the gospel—for the glory of God.”
  2. If someone in your group shows interest, encourage them to apply to a sending program where pastors will help affirm their call. 
  3. Support your missionary candidates by partnering with church pastors, staff, and agency to create a circle of care around them and their families. 
  4. Stay connected with missionaries once they are on the field, considering them an extension of your group. Send emails, packages, and more.
  5. Keep God's heart for the nations in front of your group by inviting other missionary candidates to share with your group.

How could you teach the importance of gospel-centered multiplication? In what ways do you make God known to others in your own life and leadership?
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Is there anyone in your group who has shown interest in being a missionary? How have they shown an interest? How could you encourage them to pursue it further?
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Does your small group support any active missionaries? If so, in what ways? If not, how could you connect with one and how might it benefit the group?
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What do you think about this philosophy and vision for missions through small groups? Why? Do you think it could work at your church? Why or why not?
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Whether your group is a sending committee for missionaries or not, group leaders are called to make disciples who make disciples. May we help our group members walk closer with Jesus and keep God's heart for the nations in front of them.