Develop a Biblical Framework

Examining Injustice, Poverty, and the Problems Inside Us

In this broken world, people do not need to go far to see the problems of social injustice and poverty, or to experience their own personal struggles and issues. Yet most people are not yet equipped to view these problems through a biblical framework. In this post, Luis Mendez, Pastoral Director for Hispanic Ministry at Bethlehem Baptist Church, walks through the importance of developing a biblical framework through which to view the world. Such a framework can help us to examine our own hearts, and to see how Jesus is a perfect Savior and the only solution to the brokenness we encounter.  

Social injustice and poverty are a concern to many people. However, people are often looking for transformation in false places —sociology, morality, and government programs.  

Have you ever looked for answers to the problems of society in government programs or moral solutions? How have these remedies failed to ultimately solve the problems we face?
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Luis touched on the fact that the source of the problems we face is not outside us, but inside us. What does this reality mean for finding a solution? How do we target a problem that comes from inside?
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Luis discusses dealing with the problem on a heart-level. It is not just the “what,” but the “why” behind it. How is the brokenness of poverty or social injustice just a symptom of a deeper issue? Why do such things exist in our world?
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How can you take steps toward developing a biblical framework this week? In what ways are you attempting to address the heart of issues from the outside, rather than from the inside? How does Jesus bring about transformation on a heart-level?
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Jesus, our perfect Savior, is the only answer to the questions of brokenness. It is only through the development of a biblical framework that we can begin to accurately see that our problems stem from inside us, not outside us. Renewal and change will happen as Jesus addresses our hearts, and begins to transform us from the inside, out. 

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