From Death to Life

Believer’s Baptism

Baptism has been debated among Bible-believing, gospel-centered churches for centuries. What does your church believe? Do you know why? In three videos, Jamin Roller and Jared Musgrove share with small group leaders what The Village Church believes about baptism to encourage them to understand it for themselves, teach its distinctives, and counsel group members toward participation. Jamin Roller and Jared Musgrove are Groups Pastors at The Village Church in the Dallas-Forth Worth area. 

In this video, Jamin described believer's baptism as an ordinance that represents the invisible realities of the gospel: 

  1. Christ’s death and resurrection 
  2. The disciple’s union with Christ in His death and resurrection
  3. The new life that the disciple walks
  4. The cleansing and washing away of sin

Jamin said that baptism carries the same function as a wedding ring. It does not save, but illustrates our status with God. 

Do you agree with his description? Why or why not? How else have you heard baptism explained?
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Have you been baptized by immersion? What was the experience like for you? What emotions did it evoke?
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How does the analogy of the wedding ring help you better understand and explain the function of believer's baptism? Why?
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Jamin explained that baptism is a visible symbol of the invisible grace of God to cleanse us of our sins and unite us to Christ in His death and resurrection. In this next video, listen as he shares why we should be baptized and who should be baptized.  

In this video, Jamin gave three reasons for why one should be baptized and then explained who should be baptized.

Why should one be baptized?
  1. To obey the command of Christ in Matthew 28:18–20.
  2. To evidence that a person is a disciple of Christ. 
  3. To follow the example of Christ.
Who should be baptized?
Individuals who have received the saving benefits of Christ’s atoning work and have become His disciples (Acts 2:42; 8:12). 

Are you or someone you know considering believer's baptism? What might be some of your or their hesitations?
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Jamin said we should approach baptism eagerly, with joy and a motivation to glorify God through obedience. How can you prepare yourself as a participant or spectator to approach baptism in this way? How can you counsel others to do the same?
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Jamin outlined the basic convictions of believer’s baptism by immersion. In this video, listen as Jared Musgrove shares the powerful  impact that public baptisms can have congregants and how we can counsel small group members toward believer's baptism. 

Jared said, “Each time we baptize new believers, we are graced with a drama in water that presents the reality of God’s power to rescue His people…we need constant reminders of our shared story.” 

Why do we need constant reminders of our shared story from death to life in Christ? How does watching others be baptized cultivate gratitude and move you to worship?
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Jared said that believer's baptism is a proclamation of the gospel to believers and nonbelievers. As we counsel people toward baptism in our small groups, Jared asked us to encourage them to make it as public as possible so that more people might come to know Christ.  

Has a friend or small group member ever approached you about getting baptized? How did you counsel that person? In what ways will the information in this post help you counsel others in the future?
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Baptism is a holy ordinance and the most powerful preaching. It not only offers those who have been baptized an opportunity to remember how they have been raised to life in Christ, it also gives nonbelievers a front row seat to the gospel story. May we seek to grow in our understanding of baptism, approach it with joy and expectation, and counsel others toward it. 

If you want to know exactly what The Village Church believes about baptism and other theological distinctives, click here to read their Statement of Faith