Counseling and the Church

A Way to Care and Disciple

Many Christians think of counseling as something that only happens outside of church. But, God can use counseling in mighty ways in a local church. In this post, produced in cooperation with the Association of Biblical Counselors, Dr. John Henderson talks about the impact counseling can make on a local body.

John is the Executive Director of the Center for Church Equipping, which is a training arm of the Association of Biblical Counselors, a pastor, and author of several books including Equipped to Counsel: A Training Program in Biblical Counseling.

John pointed out how the relationship between the church and counseling looks the same as the relationship between the church and evangelism, discipleship, and the ministry of the Word. Counseling promotes the gospel, reconciliation, and relationships.

What is your attitude toward counseling? What kind of a role does counseling play in your church?
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How have you seen Christian counseling promote the gospel and reconciliation in your life of the life of someone you know?
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John said counseling promotes the gospel and fulfillment of the Great Commission. In what ways have you observed counseling as a means of spreading the gospel and making disciples?
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John made a case for counseling as a part of the personal ministry of the Word. How might counseling work in the personal ministry in your life and the lives of the members of your church?
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John suggested that churches should teach and equip its members as counselors. In what ways could you equip the people in your church with counseling resources this week? What resources are already in place? How could you promote them this week?
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Counseling can impact your congregation for the good. Consider the various benefits of counseling this week. Find resources to equip your congregation to counsel or evaluate your current resources. Commit yourself to the ministry of the Word through counseling. 

You can find more on approval from John in the course The Church that Counsels

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