Be Yourself

2010 Leadership Network Aha! Online Experience

Leadership Network's Aha! Online Experience includes 40 exceptional leaders sharing their "Aha!" moments—those moments when the light bulb went on with a critically important idea or realization. In this 7-minute session from the 2010 Leadership Network Aha! Online Experience, Ben Dailey, Lead Pastor of Calvary Church, talks about the temptation to compare and conform our ministries to others. 

As you watch this session, take notes and write down thoughts about how it can impact how you lead. 

Which of Ben’s points did you find most impactful? Why?
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What did the Lord reveal to you through this message? Did you gain a specific insight into your life or ministry? What challenged you?
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How were you encouraged through this message? How can you use what you’ve learned to encourage someone else—in your personal life, at work, or at church—and equip them as a disciple of Christ?
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How, practically, can you implement what you heard from this message in your life and/or ministry today? What will you do differently this week because of what you’ve just heard?
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There’s no reason to compare or conform. God has made each of us unique, so lean into your own gifts and use them confidently for God’s glory. 

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