The Assault of Pride

Pride's Effects

Pride is the enemy of the Christian life. It either inflates our ego causing us to believe we are more than we actually are or it deflates us so that we are convinced our faults leave us far from the grace of God. How can we recognize pride's presence in our lives? In this post created in cooperation with the Association of Biblical Counselors, Mike Sharrett, pastor with the Presbyterian Church of America, highlights the effects of pride in order to open our eyes to the ways in which it influences us today.

Mike Sharrett has been in pastoral ministry since 1982 in the Presbyterian Church in America (PCA). He worked as a career counselor until Trinity PCA hired him on staff. After serving at Trinity PCA he planted a church in Ft. Worth, TX and then returned to Virginia to plant Redeemer PCA in Lynchburg.

God did not create the world as a place where pride should exist, but sin fostered an opportunity for its entrance into human existence. Since then, it has threatened our families, marriages, and ministries in ways we often fail to see. 

What are some of your present struggles with pride? How does pride express itself in your life? In what ways does it affect your relationships with others?
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Mike noted the deceitfulness of pride— it conceals the need for us to kill it before life can function healthily. Ultimately, pride aims to kill what it finds threatening in others. How did Mike's description of pride strike you? How has pride in your life developed forms of insecurity about the abilities of others? How has it caused you to view others negatively?
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Christ followers acknowledge their sin, but Mike shared that they do not always battle it. Some simply resign to captivity. What are some ways in which you have resigned to your own pride? What would it look like to confront it more faithfully? What would result from choosing to ignore it?
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Among those who battle their sin, Mike noted that some turn to moral performance while others rest in the saving grace of the gospel. Which do you lean towards when it comes to battling pride? How does your leaning affect your day to day lifestyle? Where could your gospel focus improve?
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Take inventory of your own heart today. Invite God to help you see the pride in your life to which you have been previously blind. Ask Him to create in you a greater dependency upon Him as He seeks to advance His kingdom throughout the body of Christ.

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