Not All Counseling Requires a Degree

Discipleship As Counseling

There are many opportunities to participate in counseling others. And you don't need years of education. Basic types of counseling appear throughout the Bible in the form of simple commands. In this post created in cooperation with the Association of Biblical Counselors, JR Vassar, Senior Pastor of Church at the Cross in Grapevine, Texas shares practical examples of counseling available to all Christians committed to a life of obedience to the Word of God.

How did you react to JR's description of discipleship as a form of counseling? In what ways did it shift your view of counseling? How does it encourage you to pursue deeper participation in your current relationships?
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JR shared a number of the "one anothers" of the New Testament as accessible forms of basic counseling. What are some positive effects of the "one anothers" in relationships? How do they "counsel" people when they are struggling? In what ways do you model them through your leadership?
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Discipleship is the work of calling people to the way of Jesus. In this sense, every Christian is called to counsel one another through discipleship. Would you say your people have an understanding of the role they play in counseling one another through basic discipleship? If not, what could you do to instill this perspective in them? What difference would it make in their relationships?
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All Christians are equipped to live out basic forms of counseling. In fact, Jesus' call to discipleship is a form of counseling His people in the ways of God. When we seek to live our lives in accordance with Scripture, we begin to see the world in a new light, one focused primarily on service to others before addressing our own needs. As a leader, work at offering your life as a model for your people. Help them see the power of discipleship so that they understand the ways in which they can counsel one another into greater spiritual health.

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