How to Nurture and Send Missionaries

Send Well

Discussions on mobilization, missions, and church involvement can spark a congregations interest in global missions. The difficulty comes with putting principles into practice. What is a good example of a successful missions ministry? In this video from Missio Nexus' On Mission webinar, Todd Rasmuson, Pastor for Global Outreach at Bethlehem Baptist Church in Minneapolis, Minnesota, walks through how his church approaches preparing missionaries to serve on the mission field. He uses their process to encourage pastors to build up future missionaries in their congregations. 

Todd's church walks potential missionaries through three levels of nurturing that  focus on knowledge, character, and skill development. They also intentionally care for missionaries on the field through prayer, support, and visits. 

How does your church approach missions? What programs are in place to train missionaries?
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What do you think of Todd's approach to equipping missionaries? What components are already present in your ministry? What would you like to see added in or improved on?
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What does your church do to support missionaries on the field? Where do you see room for growth in how you care for them?
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What could you do to grow your church's approach to missions this week? How could you personally encourage missionaries you know over the course of the week?
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As you send and support missionaries, send with excellence. Prepare your people for hardship, cover them in prayer, and equip them in knowledge, character, and skills. Take time this week to pray with other members of your church for missionaries from or associated with your church.  

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