Missions in the Local Church

Every Church is Different

It's tempting to want a cookie-cutter strategy for missions that works for every church. In reality, each church has a different calling, capacity, and context—one approach cannot possibly fit every church. In this session from Missio Nexus' On Mission webinar, Dr. Ted Esler, President of Missio Nexus, talks about what he's learned over the course of his time in ministry. He pulls from his experience on the mission field and as a leader of a missions organization to outline three things he wishes churches knew about missions. 

Ted explained three points he wishes the church knew:
  • Every church approaches missions differently.
  • Church size has a lot to do with how a local church engages in missions.
  • For all churches, partnership is key.

As you listened to Ted's points, which one stood out to you the most? Why?
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How does your church approach missions? How does your missions strategy differ from other churches in your area?
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How big is your church? How does the size of your church affect how you engage in missions?
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What partnerships does your church engage in to promote mission work? How could you encourage those partnerships this week? If you don't partner with any agency, how could you move your church toward partnerships this week?
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Lead your church toward God's heart for missions. Every church approaches mission work in a unique way—discover what fits best for your church. Let the size of your church become a tool, not a stumbling block. As you partner with others, remember the goal of bringing the gospel to all nations.  

To learn more about Missio Nexus, or to attend their next event, click here