God is at Work Everywhere

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Christians can fall into the trap of thinking they introduce God to the places and people they serve. However, the truth is that God already moves everywhere—even in the darkest of places. In this session from Missio Nexus' On Mission webinar, Paul McGuinness, Local and Global Outreach Pastor of Parker Hill Community Church in Scranton, Pennsylvania, encourages Christians to remember God's worldwide presence, to follow His lead, and to join in the work He's already begun.

Paul included three points in his talk about God's global presence:
  • God is at work everywhere.
  • Go where God is leading.
  • Join what God is already doing.

Which of Paul's points stood out to you the most? Why?
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How does knowing that God is already at work everywhere shape the way you view missions, ministry, and the local church?
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Where do you sense God telling you to go? If you're not called overseas, what needs in your community has He brought to your attention? What could you do to meet those needs? Is He calling you serve overseas? If so, how has He revealed your calling to you?
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How could you join in what God is doing in your community, your church, or around the world this week? What could you do to remind yourself that God is already at work everywhere?
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God is at work—be encouraged! Look for the ways God is moving in your hometown, school, or workplace. Follow His lead in your life, even if He's calling you overseas. As you join in His work, thank Him for the opportunity He gives you to come alongside Him to fulfill the Great Commission.

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