To the Missions Pastor

Rooted in Love for Christ

Missions pastors carry the heavy burden of coming up with global and local missions projects. What does a good missions pastor need to know? In this session from Missio Nexus' On Mission webinar, Matthew Ellison, President and co-founder of Sixteen:Fifteen, lays out four principles he wishes he had known before becoming a missions pastor. He encourages missions pastors as they urge their congregations to obey the Great Commission. 

Matthew talked about four principles he learned as a missions pastor:
  • The affirmation and buy-in of vision for missions by key church leaders is essential.
  • Everyone is not a missionary.
  • Every church member has a missions role, but that doesn't mean they should share the role of missions pastor.
  • When zeal for worship is weak, zeal for missions will also be weak.

As a missions pastor, how have you seen these four principles in your ministry?
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How have you worked toward a shared vision for missions among the other pastors and church leaders? Where do you see room for improvement?
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How does Matthew's statement that, "everyone is not a missionary" strike you? Why? Do you agree? Why or why not?
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What roles do other pastors, leaders, members, and volunteers play in the missions ministry? In what ways do you set boundaries as the missions pastor?
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How could you encourage zeal for Christ, worship, and missions in your church this week?
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Our call to make disciples of all nations sits on the firm foundation of Jesus' goodness and greatness. Pray for your ministry this week—that God would instill a deep love for Christ, His church, and missions in the heart of every member of your church. As you lead with a clear vision, be encouraged by how God works in you and through you to reach people of all nations with the gospel.  

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