Reach the Unreached

The Nations Are Here

Missions once meant Christians traveled across oceans and over borders to fulfill the Great Commission. Now, the nations of the world flood our cities and suburbs. In this session from Missio Nexus' On Mission webinar, Kevin King, President of International Project, walks through three lessons he's learned throughout his ministry of partnering with churches to preach the gospel to unreached people groups in New York City. 

The three principles Kevin listed include:
  1. Contextualization
  2. Reproducible methodology
  3. Have a clear ministry plan

How did Kevin's three principles strike you? How do his principles govern the way you think about reaching unreached people groups?
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In what ways have you observed the Americanization of Christianity? What examples of contextualization show up in your church, workplace, or school?
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Would you describe your methodology as simple or complex? Why? What might the advantages be to simplifying how you do ministry?
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Do you, your church, or organization have a clear ministry plan? If so, how has having a clear plan shaped your ministry? If not, what steps could you take toward developing and implementing a plan?
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What practical steps could you take this week to implement contextualization, reproducible methodology, and a clear ministry plan in your church or ministry?
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To reach the unreached, you have to understand their worldview. Learn about the people you minister to through asking questions and conducting research. Keep your ministry simple, but rich in truth. Set and maintain goals, standards, and expectations. Thank God for the incredible opportunity He gives the church to share the gospel with people from every nation. 

To learn more about Missio Nexus, or to attend their next event, click here.