The Truth About Mission Agencies

Allies in the Great Commission

Large mission agencies often intimidate churches. Churches don't want to become just another cog in the machine—used and mistreated. What's the truth about missions organizations? In this session from Missio Nexus' On Mission webinar, Rob Magwood, the Canadian Director of SEND International, offers three truths about mission agencies—their agenda, goal, and vision. He argues for a positive relationship between churches and agencies in order to obey the Great Commission.  

 Rob listed three truths about mission agencies:
  1. Mission agencies exist to serve the church.
  2. Mission agencies want to take excellent care of the resources you entrust to them.
  3. Mission agencies want to urge local churches to continue to engage in global missions.

What was your perception of mission agencies before watching Rob's talk? Why? What new insights did you gain from the three points Rob made?
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In what ways have you witnessed mission agencies serving the church? Does your church partner with any mission agencies? If so, what do you think is going well and where is there room for improvement?
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What resources are available at your church or agency? Would you say your resources have been handled well so far? Why or why not? How could you use those resources to benefit your missions partnerships?
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What could you do in your church or organization to urge others to engage in global missions this week? How could you fulfill the Great Commission in your context?
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Mission agencies aren't out to ruin the church. On the contrary, they desire to equip and serve the church in order to fulfill the Great Commission. Encourage people in your church toward global missions this week. Pray for you current partnerships or pray for missions partnerships to develop. 

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