Global Trends in Missions

Timely, Not Trendy

Walkmans, track suits, and cassette tapes—trends come and go. Instead of buying into trends, the church should strive to be timely in a way that lasts. In this session from Missio Nexus' On Mission webinar, Bruce Huseby, Pastor of Global Missions and Senior Adults at Calvary Church in Grand Rapids, Michigan, lists five global trends in modern-day missions. He talks about urbanization, enterprise, and social justice to highlight ways the church can be timely instead of trendy.  

Bruce listed five trends in global missions:
  1. Global enterprise
  2. Global family
  3. Urbanization
  4. Global justice
  5. Morality 

Which of the five trends stood out to you the most? Why? Were you surprised by any points Bruce mentioned? If so, which ones and why?
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In terms of global enterprise, what do you think about mobilizing people from all vocations to share the gospel in their context? How have you seen churches or missionaries equip people as disciples in their workplace?
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What do you think of the global church? In what ways have you experienced the global church as interdependent?
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How does your church inform people on issues of social justice and urbanization? What examples have you witnessed of the church fighting against injustice?
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How could you pursue biblical morality this week? In what ways could you seek purity and truth in your life and in the lives of other Christians?
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 Use these trends to inform how you approach global missions this week. Brainstorm ways you can combat injustice, continue in purity, and equip the church. As you spread the gospel and further the mission of Christ, remember these five trends and let them guide your timely actions. 

To learn more about Missio Nexus, or to attend their next event, click here.