Women and Doctrine

Enough of the Fluff

We all want to be encouraged in our faith, but what are some of the deeper issues? How can women be serious about the gospel and well-trained in theology? Jennie Allen at the 2012 Gospel Coalition Women’s Conference sits down with author and speaker Lydia Brownback to discuss how women can go from how-to Christianity to transformational wisdom. 

Do you believe women want to be serious about the gospel and good theology? Why or why not?
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Why do you think there’s a misperception that women are looking for “fluff” in church? Have you ever enjoyed the “fluff”? What is appealing about it?
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Lydia argues that the church is meant to be about the gospel, not self. What are unique ways you believe women are called to live out the gospel? What role do you believe doctrine plays?
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Christianity for both men and women is meant to be real and deep. As you consider your faith, remember to always keep Christ in mind. His love isn’t necessarily about self improvement—it aims to make you whole.  

For more information about the Gospel Coalition Women’s Conference, click here.