Church and Missions Agencies as Partners

Work Together for God's Glory

Some missionaries venture overseas or to a national location through church support, while others go through an agency. Is there a way for churches and agencies to work together? In this session from Missio Nexus' On Mission webinar, Bob Blincoe, President of Frontiers USA,  talks about the importance of churches and agencies working together to raise support, send missionaries, and plant churches. He explains a way to form partnerships to equip and send missionaries from a local church.

Bob said churches increasingly seek to plant churches nationally and internationally. He claimed the best way to utilize the resources of missions agencies, churches should form formal partnerships. These partnerships have the potential to further the gospel and bring glory to God. 

How does your church approach missions and church planting?
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What are some ways you've seen churches partner with missions organizations? How did the partnership pan out? What benefits or disadvantages did they encounter?
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What do you think of Bob's proposal to write and sign a memo of agreement between an agency and a church when sending a team of church planters? Do you agree or disagree? Why?
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How could you promote partnerships in your local church this week? What steps could you take toward forming partnerships with missions agencies?
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If your church supports missionaries, spend intentional time in prayer for them. Consider forming a partnership with a missions agency. Continue to pursue the mission Jesus gave us to make disciples of all nations—whether that be locally or internationally. 

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