Treasuring God in Our Traditions

What’s in Your Heart?

What do our everyday traditions say about God? At the 2012 Gospel Coalition Women’s Conference, Gloria Furman sits down with Noel Piper, author, speaker, and wife of John Piper, to discuss how the things we do regularly shape what’s in our heart. Noel wrote Treasuring God in Our Traditions and Faithful Women and Their Extraordinary God. She and her husband, John, also co-wrote This Momentary Marriage: A Parable of Permanence. 

Noel said that what we do regularly often reflects what’s in our hearts. What do you regularly do? What do those regular actions say about your heart?
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Traditions refer to holidays and everyday life. What are your favorite holiday traditions? What do those traditions say about how you value your faith and family?
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Noel told a story about how one of her traditions ended up sparking an interesting conversation about faith. What difference do you believe our traditions can make in the lives of others if we invite people to participate in them with us?
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What are your traditions? There’s something special about the regular and everyday parts of our lives. Take some time to reflect on your most meaningful traditions and how you experience God in them. 

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