Develop a Love for the Bible

God’s Word to Us

In the midst of all the history, narratives, and strange genres in the Bible, there’s God’s story of rescue and redemption for His people. Authors Rosaria Butterfield, Kathleen Nielson, and Gloria Furman sit down to talk about the Bible—how to make a plan to read it, how to pass it onto our kids, and how to cherish it. As the Word of God to us, we should seek to love the Bible.

Rosaria Butterfield is the author of The Secret Thoughts of an Unlikely Convert and Openness Unhindered: Further Thoughts of an Unlikely Convert on Sexual Identity and Union with Christ. Kathleen Nielson is the Director of Women's Initiatives for The Gospel Coalition and the author of Bible Study: Following the Ways of the Word. Gloria Furman serves in the Middle East with her husband and family and is the author of several books including, The Pastor's Wife, and Missional Motherhood

Many Christians want to be good readers of the Bible. Rosaria said you need to have a plan if you want to read Scripture everyday. The goal of studying the Bible is to know God better and honor Him. 

Do you have a plan for reading Scripture? If so, describe it. How has it helped you relationship with God? If not, what steps could you take toward developing and implementing a plan?
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Why did Rosaria say your time in the Word is not a selfish time? How have you used Scripture to encourage, talk about God, or share the gospel for the good of others?
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Kathleen said we should read the Bible as it’s been given to us—book by book, not verse by verse. Rosaria pointed out the importance of genre and historical context. When have you seen the Bible used out of context? How did that misuse affect you?
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Rosaria, Kathleen, and Gloria shifted to talking about teaching Scripture to their children. Gloria likened the Bible to food saying we should teach kids to value the Word as they value food. 

If you have kids, how have you passed down a love for God’s Word to your kids? If you don’t have kids, in what creative ways does your church teach kids to love the Bible?
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Have you ever tried singing the Psalms? If so, how does singing the Psalms draw you closer to God? If not, would you consider singing the Psalms? Why or why not?
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What practical steps could you take this week to develop a deeper love for God’s Word?
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God speaks to us through His Word. It’s living and active—able to convict, instruct, and encourage us. Carve out time to read the Bible this week. Make a plan and try it out. If you have kids, pass on your love for Scripture to your kids. Fall in love with God’s Word and share that love with others. 

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