Regrets and Retirement

Steward Your Time

If we based our views of retirement on movies, it appears to be full of golfing, dinner parties, and charity events. Is that all there is to retirement, or should Christians dig deeper to find purpose in final years of their lives? Collin Hansen interviews John Piper, founder and teacher of and Chancellor of Bethlehem College & Seminary, on why he decided to step down from pastoral ministry, his future plans, and his regrets as he moves into retirement. 

Piper spoke of stewardship in retirement. He desires to spend the rest of his time well—to the glory of God. As time slips away from him, he strives to be intentional in each moment. 

Are you close to or in retirement? If so, how have you used, or plan to use, your time in retirement for God’s kingdom?
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What are some things you won’t miss as you move into retirement? What will be hard to say goodbye to? Why?
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John shared some of his regrets. Though he doesn’t regret the decisions he made, he regrets the sin that held him back from serving God with excellence. Do you have any regrets? What sins or decisions do you wish you could take back? Why?
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In your retirement, what could you do to pursue God and His guidance? This week, what steps could you take toward stewarding your time to benefit the church, other Christians, and the kingdom of God?
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As you approach retirement, or live in retirement, seek to steward your time well. Ask God how He would have you spend the next years of your life. Reflect on how He’s moved throughout your life and thank Him. Praise Him for every twist and turn and for all that will come in the future. 

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