Is the Pulpit Political?

Speak Truth

As political tensions run high, some pastors seize the opportunity to talk about politics from the pulpit. Other pastors teach principles from Scripture that can apply to politics without directly addressing certain issues. How should pastors address politics? Pastors Bill Dynes, Voddie Baucham, and Dr. Mark Dever discuss how they speak about politics to their congregations and offer encouragement to other pastors.

Bill Kynes is the Senior Pastor of Cornerstone Evangelical Free Church in Annandale, Virginia. Voddie Baucham serves as Pastor of Preaching at Grace Family Baptist Church in Spring, Texas. Dr. Mark Dever serves as the Senior Pastor of Capitol Hill Baptist Church in Washington, DC. 

 Bill, Voddie, and Mark hold differing views on the pulpit and politics. However, they all believe preaching should be about proclaiming truth, edifying the believers, and glorifying God.

Did anything stand out to you about Bill, Voddie, and Mark’s points of view on politics and preaching? If so, what stood out and why?
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How do you address politics as a pastor? Do you talk openly about political issues and specific viewpoints or do you refrain from speaking on politics in your sermons? Why?
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Mark said his goal as a pastor is to point out that illegal and immoral are not the same, just as legal and moral are not the same. How does his statement strike you? Why? Do you try to communicate this principle to your church? If so, how?
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Voddie and Bill both pray for political leaders at their churches. Voddie’s church has a rotating calendar, while Bill prays for government officials in corporate prayer. Does your church specifically pray for those in government? If so, what does it look like practically? If not, would praying for political leaders be something you might add to the church’s agenda? Why or why not?
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Regardless of where you land on the issue of politics in preaching, your duty as a pastor is to proclaim the truth of Scripture to God’s people. In what ways could you pursue teaching truth to your congregation this week? How does truth-telling play out in your sermons, at home, on the go, and at the church?
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Remain true to God’s Word as you continue to pray for, preach to, and care for the people in your congregation. Take a few moments to surrender to God any agendas you might have that could stand in the way of truth in your life and at your church. Ask Him to move in you and your congregation as you preach biblical truth.  

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