It’s Not Just About You

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What might God be calling you to trade in order to reach others for Him?
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Every believer has that moment when they come to terms with what Jesus Christ has done for them on the cross. Grace. Forgiveness. Love. Redemption. But as incredible as that is, we aren’t supposed to stop there. The great news of the gospel should inspire us to share it with others. But that’s not always easy. Take a look at what some people were willing to trade to impact others with the good news of Jesus.

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Do you have a clearly defined mission or purpose for your life? Does your small group have a clearly defined mission? In this clip, JR Vassar, Lead Pastor at Apostles Church in New York City, challenges us to not just enjoy the salvation and blessing that God has lavished on us, but to remember that He saves us for a purpose.

I love JR’s image of reading the Bible like a yearbook. He said, “But God doesn’t fill the Bible up with pictures about us so that we can feel special, but with pictures of Him so that we can feel a sense of awe and wonder, that we get to know Him and be involved in His purposes.” Think about your small group. As you read and study Scripture with your group, are you focused more on God’s promises to you, or on finding ways to fulfill God’s mission through your group?

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As you lead your small group, how might you point others toward God’s vision and purpose for their lives? How can you get your group less focused on themselves and more focused on God and His mission?
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When we hear stories of people who have made sacrifices in order to pursue serving God (like in the trader video we saw earlier), I think we often distance ourselves from them and think that they are “special” people who have received a unique calling from God. But in reality, they’re just ordinary people—like you and I—who have made a choice to serve God with their lives.

What a great story. God is using Ben and Katie in ways they never dreamed of, but it took that first step of faith. And while it’s true that God doesn’t call all of us to move overseas, He does want each of us to impact others for His glory. Take some time this week in your small group and brainstorm ways your group can make a difference for God in your community. Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have questions or need help implementing one of your ideas.

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