The Image of God in the Bible

The Image of God

Even though the Bible stretches on for pages and pages, it tells a consistent story. For example, the image of God in humans and in Jesus carries through the entire Bible. This video from The Bible Project provides an overview of the image of God in the Bible. The goal of this post is to help you see how this overarching theme contributes to the story of the Bible, understand the implications of this theme, and apply this theme to your daily life. 

As the video pointed out, the image of God runs through the Old Testament into the New Testament. When we understand the themes of Scripture, we can use them when we interpret and apply specific passages. Use these questions to deepen your understanding of the image of God.

What is the image of God? How did the video define this theme?
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How does the image of God play out in the Old Testament? How does it develop in the New Testament? In what ways does this theme bridge the gap between the Old and New Testaments?
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Why is the theme of the image of God important? What does it teach us about God and humanity? What is its significance in the biblical story?
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What does the image of God change about your perspective of God and others? How does the image of God apply to your life? What could you do to put this theme into action in your life this week?
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God’s Word tells an amazing, unified story, woven together through its themes. As you read the Bible this week, keep what you learned through this video at the back of your mind. Notice when the theme of the image of God pops up in a passage and incorporate the principles from this video as you interpret Scripture.

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