Why Does God Use the Weak?

Humility Over Strength

God doesn’t always pick the strongest warrior as His representative. In fact, more often than He selects a simple Israelite girl like Mary or a tongue-tied shepherd like Moses. Why does God work through the weak? Listen to Tim Savage, Senior Pastor of Camelback Bible Church in Phoenix, Arizona, talk about God’s purpose behind choosing the weak to fulfill His will.  

Our world sees wealth, status, and power as strength. However, God uses what the world sees as humble and weak to accomplish His purposes. 

What did Tim mean when he said God turns the strong things of this world on their heads when He chooses to work through the weak?
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Are you tempted to associate yourself with the strong things of this world? How? What does it mean to you to be humble before God rather than strong according to the world?
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Has God ever used suffering to purge you of your pride? If so, how did you see God move in you and through you as you humbled yourself before Him?
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What could you do this week to humble yourself before God? How could you embrace your weakness as a way to glorify God in your life?
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Being weak by the world’s standards places you in the best possible position for God to move in you and through you. Praise God for your weaknesses. Ask Him to keep you in a humble stance as you seek to glorify and obey Him. 

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