How Should We Approach World Missions?

Everything Changed, Nothing Changed

Mission trips allow church members to see God move in another culture and to open their eyes to the needs of other believers. But as the world becomes more connected, should our approach to missions change? Peter Cha, Associate Professor of Pastoral Theology at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School in Deerfield, Illinois, and Anthony Carter, Lead Pastor of East Point Church in East Point, Georgia, teach how the church should engage in world missions in today's globalized culture. In this first video, Anthony Carter introduces the changes and consistencies in world missions.

Anthony said in some ways, nothing has changed about world missions, but in another sense, everything has changed. 

What did Anthony mean when he said everything has changed and nothing has changed? What is the same in world missions? What is different?
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What does it look like to balance these two truths in the local church and in missions? How can the church prevent trading in the message of the gospel for innovation or resisting change altogether?
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Jesus is still Lord and His commands still apply to us today. However, we live in a changing world. Listen to Peter Cha walk through major shifts in world missions from the past few decades. 

While developing countries once lacked strong churches, they now have strong, vibrant churches that send missionaries worldwide. Peter encouraged churches to examine the modern missions climate and adjust their global missions strategy.  

What changes did Peter describe in world missions? How do these changes impact our approach to missions?
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What does it mean to collaborate with churches from other countries? What might that look like practically?
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Do you agree with Peter that churches should spend less on short term mission and more on strategic collaborations with foreign or immigrant churches? Why or why not?
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What could you do this week to consider and embrace missions opportunities in your city, workplace, or neighborhood?
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Missions is much more than going overseas. Jesus called us to share the gospel no matter where we live. Choose to see your neighborhood, workplace, or school as a mission field. Tell your friends about Jesus and meet needs in your community. 

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