Are All Forms of Evolution Unbiblical?

The Truth About Origins

The Big Bang Theory says all of life began with a grand and spontaneous explosion. For Christians who believe God created the world, this theory contradicts foundational beliefs. But is there more to evolution than the Big Bang? Listen as Tom Nelson, Senior Pastor of Christ Community Church in Leawood, Kansas, unpacks what the Bible says about the creation of the world and how Christians can use Scripture to frame their understanding of Evolution.  

Tom said we should begin our discussion of origins and evolution by examining the Bible. We learn basic, foundational truths from Genesis 1 and 2 about God and creation. 

What are the foundational beliefs about origins mentioned in the Bible? What truths do we know about human origin based on Scripture?
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How does the word “day” allow for flexibility in understanding the sequence of creation? Does it leave room for scientific interpretation? If so, how?
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Tom gave two origins theories held by Christians:

  1. Theistic Evolution
  2. Intelligent Design

Which of these two theories do you align with the most? Why?
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Tom said we shouldn’t just look at creation in the past tense. God still creates today. When we choose to follow Him, we become a new creation. In addition, we look forward to the new creation when Jesus returns. 

How do you see God creating in your life? How has He made you a new creation? What practical steps could you take this week to look forward to Jesus’ return and the new life you have in Christ?
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The bottom line for Christians is that God created the world. Evolutionary theories that state otherwise are unbiblical, but that does not mean all forms of evolution contradict Scripture. Thank God for His creative work in the world this week and live in anticipation of the new creation of heaven and earth. 

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