What’s the Truth About Demons?

Are Demons Real?

One common portrayal of demons paints them as red, horned figures that sit on our shoulders and tell us to do bad things. Are demons real, and if so, is that what they act like? In this two-part post, pastors Mike Bullmore and Andy Davis explain who Satan is, what demons are, and how Jesus defeated them in His death and resurrection. 

In this first section, Mike Bullmore, Senior Pastor of CrossWay Community Church in Kenosha, Wisconsin, provides a biblical understanding of demons. 

 The Bible is clear about the existence of a spiritual world. Satan and his demons actively work against God and His people.

How did Mike describe demons? What are they? Where did they come from?
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What does it mean that Jesus’ death and resurrection destroyed the work of the devil and disarmed demons? How does that truth impact Christians?
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 Mike said we should be sober-minded about demons, but we should not fear them. They have no power over us because we belong to Christ. 

What might it look like to reject fear and embrace the peace you have in Jesus? What passages of Scripture could you memorize this week to recite when you are afraid?
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 There is no need be afraid of Satan or his demons. Jesus already won the battle over sin and death. If you follow Jesus, you are on the winning team. Rejoice and cling to hope, because our King is victorious. 

Does Satan Have Access to our Minds?

 Satan is allowed a certain amount of power on earth, but to what extent? Does he get in our minds? In the previous section, Mike Bullmore explained what demons are and Jesus’ power over them. In this final section, Andy Davis, Senior Pastor of First Baptist Church in Durham, North Carolina explains what the devil can and cannot do to believers and how the Holy Spirit equips Christians to resist Satan. 

 Scripture describes Satan as the prince of the power of the air. He has power on this earth, but for Christians, the Holy Spirit arms us against the devil.

What does it mean that Satan blinds the minds of unbelievers?
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How does the Holy Spirit equip believers to battle against the devil’s lies? What does it mean that a Christian cannot be demonized but can be influenced by demons?
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Has your attitude or perception of Satan and his demons changed through this post? If so, how? What could you do this week to protect your mind against the lies of the devil?
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For Christians, our whole lives now belong to Christ. Instead of succumbing to the lies of the devil, turn to Jesus. Ask the Holy Spirit to renew your mind and guard it against the evil one. We have no reason to fear or despair because Jesus’ power is no match for Satan’s.  

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