What are Biblical Grounds for Divorce?

Scripture and Discernment

Divorce rips apart marriages and families in increasing waves in the local church. For the most part, God stands against divorce. However, there are biblical grounds for divorce. Listen to Erwin Luther, Senior Pastor of Moody Church in Chicago, outline two biblical reasons for divorce and walk through how he handles divorce and remarriage in his church. 

Erwin listed two biblical reasons to divorce:

  1. Adultery
  2. Abandonment

How does your church handle divorce and remarriage? Is your church’s approach similar or different from Erwin’s? How?
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Erwin said just because a spouse commits adultery doesn’t mean the couple should opt for divorce. Do you agree? Why or why not?
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What do you think of Erwin’s strategy to treat every case of remarriage and divorce individually? Do you agree with his procedures? Why or why not?
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If a couple came to you this week wanting a divorce or a remarriage, how could you counsel them? What biblical passages could you point them to?
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As you counsel couple seeking a divorce or remarriage, ask God for wisdom and discernment. Use Scripture as your guide. Be an agent of both grace and truth as you guide couples toward obeying Christ.  

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