What is God’s Will?

It’s all about Holiness

We can often get lost mulling over who God wants us to marry, which house would please Him the most, or what job He'd rather us accept. Is figuring out God's will really that difficult? In this two-part post, pastors Sandy Willson and John Mahaffey explore the topic of God’s will and apply it to the everyday Christian life. 

In the first part of this post, Sandy Willson, Senior Pastor of Second Presbyterian Church in Memphis, Tennessee, teaches two main components of God's will and how we can seek God's will in our lives.  

Sandy said there are two aspects of God’s will:

  1. God’s will over all of time
  2. God’s moral will 

How did Sandy explain the difference between these two parts of God’s will? How do history and prophecy help us determine God’s will over all time?
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Why did Sandy say we cannot know God’s moral will for our lives in every situation? Do you agree? Why or why not?
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Why is God’s will more about our holiness and less about figuring out the details of our lives? Does that comfort you at all? Why or why not?
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This week, what could you do to strive for holiness? How could focusing on God’s goal of making you holy change the way you approach decision making?
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 As you make decisions and seek God’s guidance, His ultimate will for you is to make you more like Jesus. Aim for holiness instead of getting wrapped up in the details of life. Trust that God will see you through and will guide you along the way.

God’s Vocational Will

In the previous section, Sandy Willson explained two main aspects of God’s will. This session with John Mahaffey, Senior Pastor of West Highland Church in Ontario, Canada, recaps the last session and talks about God’s vocational will for individuals. 

John took the principles from the last post a step further. He said as a Christian pursues holiness, God begins to reveal His vocational will for their lives.  

How did John explain God’s vocational will? What distinguishes it from His will for all of time and His moral will?
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John said God bases your vocational will on your spiritual gifts. These gifts come from the Holy Spirit when you decide to follow Jesus.  

Do you know your spiritual gifts? If so, what are they and how could they fit together with God’s vocational will for your life? If not, what steps could you take to discover your gifts?
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This week, how could you pursue God’s vocational will for your life? What could you do to explore your spiritual gifts and ways God could use those gifts at work, church, and at home?
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God’s will is less about what you do than it is about who you are becoming. Obey God in every twist and turn along your path to become more like Jesus. Use His word to guide your decisions and ask the Holy Spirit to mature you in trusting God.  

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